Are You Serious?

When something is going on in our lives, we tend to lose the intensity we had at the beginning. Sometimes we are satisfied with the fact that we had intensity in the past even if we don't have enough of it now. We may regret, however, when we do not get the result that we... Continue Reading →

What? How?

As we focus on the tasks that we have to do, more often than not, we prioritize the WHAT and forget the HOW. It is natural for human minds to emphasize WHAT we do and the results that it will produce. However, the Spirit encourages us not to lose sight of HOW we carry out... Continue Reading →

The Iconic Tree

Daniel made the tree for Father’s Day 2017. He intertwined and twisted copper threads to form the roots, bark, and branches. At the end of the threads, by putting the bids, he made the tree look like leafy and fruitful. He was too young to perceive the hardship my family was going through then. So,... Continue Reading →

A Flash of the Fireworks on a 4th of July

I was at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, about 350 miles away from home, on the 4th of July night. The fireworks were painting in the air various beautiful light pictures and people here, and there were shouting wows looking up at the pictures. Hearing the thunders and glancing at some of the fireworks, I was... Continue Reading →

To Those Who Got Hurt By Churches

Recently I met two young men and had great conversations. Through the conversations I got to know that one of them got a deep hurt from a church to which he belonged as he was a college student and the other got disappointed by bad behaviors of the church-goers since he was an elementary student.... Continue Reading →

Smile on the brink of a deep cliff

Bright shining innocent smile is the face of peace in mind. Feeling insecurity, uneasiness, or frustration, or hiding wickedness, resentment, or apathy, it is impossible to get such smile on the face. Even with these in heart one may make a smile on the face, but it is not beautiful smile, mi-so. It is ssuk-so,... Continue Reading →

A Father’s Death

"Once upon a time, there was a villain. His father was worrying about his way of life and wished so badly that his son should repent to become a good man. During the days, finally he crossed the bridge that he would not be able to cross back—He murdered. Father was so sad but he... Continue Reading →

Sarah’s Prayer

Sarah, a hygienist, told me this great story as I was waiting for the treatment in Dr. John’s office. She was anxious for the application of the new job in Dr. John’s dental office. She was commuting to her current job as a teacher for several years. She got the job as she couldn’t find... Continue Reading →

Ji-hyun’s Interview

It was 2014 that I met Ji-hyun. I was a graduate assistant tutoring ESL students for writing at UM. I was taking the course waiting for the approval of the religious worker visa. So, I was going to school and working as a minister at the same time. My ministry was, as always, evangelizing Korean... Continue Reading →

To New Brothers

This article was written on 2/20/2017 to a several friends, some of whom were recently baptized and others were attending our worship. This morning I miss them. I put this writing on this blog so that any one who may read this be encouraged. God wants all to be saved and He gave His only... Continue Reading →

Watering Like God

As we gave away the school supplies, I was proud of brothers and sisters for they were doing it with pure and gentle heart as the Father would do. What we give or relate to people is important but it has to be through the godly spirit. What is related to a person could be... Continue Reading →

The Spiritual Antibody, True Faith

Does faith grow? I’m sure it does. But why doesn’t my faith work like a vaccine to life difficulties even now? As a child got a vaccine, usually the antibody gets formed in his body and it fights against the germ of the disease. The antibody protects the child from it and at least worry... Continue Reading →

The Difference in Spirit

Being holy is being different in terms of righteousness in God. As we evangelize non-believers, we are to be recognized as different as we are to be holy in Christ. What should it be, then, that makes us ultimately different from worldly people, religious or not? “Speaking the truth” (Eph. 4:15) is a significant part... Continue Reading →

The Rule of Triangle

A Korean saying says, “Words in the day are heard by birds and words at night, by rats.” It points out, I think, that there is no secret in the world. This is a thing that we have to keep in mind in doing evangelism also. I coined this wisdom as the Rule of Triangle.... Continue Reading →

Evangelism by difference

As I began evangelism in Atlanta, many people tried to help me by suggesting their ideas for effective evangelism. Some of them were suggesting distributing flyers, brochures, or business cards; others, making programs and advertising them on media and internet. I am attempting most of them, to see what would work for me. However, the... Continue Reading →

Doing the Will of God

2007 was my first year in Bible education in the United States. I heard a professor say that the “doing the will of my Father” in Matthew 7:21 is to be baptized in the mode of immersion, absolutely in the name of Jesus. It was kind of eye-opening teaching for me. I was so impressed... Continue Reading →

To Be As Fruitful As Bees

Do you know how much pollens the honey bees in a hive carry per year? About 60 pounds! Then, how much value the honey bee makes per year by pollination? Billions of dollars! The honey bee is so fruitful. How can it be? Is there anything we may learn from them as Proverbs teaches some... Continue Reading →

“I have no American friends.”

They know it who’ve evangelized a lot in cross-cultural and international settings: Americans have an advantage in evangelism toward people who are not Americans. Why is that so? Then, why am I in an American church? How can we boost evangelism fully using the advantage? The general American advantage comes from many things that they... Continue Reading →

Receive Jesus! Yes, But How?

As we talk to people about conversion, it is not rare to hear the expression “I received Jesus.” It became a common expression in the religious world. ‘To receive Jesus’ is found, for instance, in John 1:11-12. So it must be right. Man has to receive Jesus to be saved and to become a child... Continue Reading →


During lunch at home today, my elder son, David, said something inspiring to me regarding how to evangelize. He was in the marching band five years at the high school in Mississippi and was a tuba section leader for his junior year. Before he was selected as the section leader, he had been a loading... Continue Reading →

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