Don’t Put Them On

Would that I had indeed heard the word of God. Would that I had genuinely believed the word God had told me. Would that I had not feared anything believing in Him and trusting His words. I would not have spent so many days and hours doing nothing but worrying and fearing. I would not have become such a coward as I am now, who can’t challenge anything for fear.

Why do I fear? What makes me frozen? How did I hear the word of God, the promises and the history of their fulfillment? How did I cherish the words of God, that He created me as His beloved child and servant? How did I understand His love for me, in which He set forth His only begotten Son on the cross? What can be there in the world to scare me who the Father loves so? What is greater than His love that makes me fear and worry?

Has anything I have worried about happened to my life while I clung to Him day and night in prayer? Haven’t I learned the truth that I should have been just joyful and thankful in those times instead of fearing and worrying? Haven’t I realized I was wasting my time, energy, and even your days, for nothing worthy? Haven’t I confirmed that I couldn’t change anything by worrying?

I wish I am different now, having come to this point in life by the grace of God. I hope to share the truth of life with others. Don’t put on the shoes. I wore them for a long time and learned now. They will exhaust you in your journey by exchanging joy and thankfulness with fear and worries.


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