Perfect The Good Personality

Personality is not a thing formed over a night. As a person grows and lives, it gets formed. Environment affects it but not absolutely; Even in a same environment various persons of various personality appear. Family education works a lot to it but it either is not absolute; It is not so rare that even... Continue Reading →


The Job’s Question

Why God lets humans suffer for many things such as from financial poverty, sickness, depression, through loss of job, car accidents, diseases, to loss of beloved ones, even a child, starvations of people including helpless children, and wars and disasters that swept so many lives even including innocent children? We may coin it as the ‘Job’s... Continue Reading →

The Power of Love

However little it may be, in accomplishing a goal the person faces a lot of challenges and even crises. In this regard, accomplishing a goal also means overcoming the challenges and crises. What makes us be able to do that, who have great goals in life? Some people persuasively said and showed in their lives... Continue Reading →

What Makes Us Happy

People say, “We do not laugh because we are happy; we are happy because we laugh.” The point of the saying is the state of the mind of the person is significant for happiness. It is implied that, if the person has something in mind concerning about, it keeps him or her from laughing. In... Continue Reading →

How to Love?

Jesus said to his disciples: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another” (John 13:34). It is the new commandment that the Son of God gave to Christians. The commandment of love is the fulfillment of the law... Continue Reading →

The Right Order for Love

This morning, God gave me a great enlightenment; I realized that my understanding was preposterous. I was still legalistic to this regard. I was thinking I would not be able to love some people for I have negative evaluation of them. I believed my negative evaluation of them hindered me from loving them. So, I... Continue Reading →

Obey the Gospel of Jesus !!!

These are the sermons, in English, on the gospel of Jesus. The first one is about what Jesus accomplished on the cross in regard to the sin of the sinners, which is the propitiation (redemption, atonement, and ransom), and the second one is about how to receive the propitiation to be saved, which is about... Continue Reading →

Human, the Holistic Creature

A Teaching of Matthew 12:33-37 Many say that human being is an organism. However, the statement does not reflect the true human being. Human being is not only physical and biological but also mental and further spiritual. So, it is more suitable and so more precise to say that human being is a holistic being—holistic... Continue Reading →

Not Judge But Love!

We may have various opinions (Romans 14:1, 2 and 5). We may think they are truths. However, only God's will--love--prevails, and no human opinion. This is truth. Then why would we so serious about our opinions and judge others according to them and commit the sin of not-loving? There is no point to do so.... Continue Reading →

Faith Overcomes

Dear friend, I appreciate you told me what your concern is. I know just a little what it is to live in the US as an international student or worker. I have been both for a pretty extended time--9 years. Beside one's character, any international person who survives in the US society, whether it be... Continue Reading →

Does Intention Matter So?

Intention matters so. A work changes in result and value depending on it. A work done in an evil intention is itself evil and so is the result of it. What if the intention of reading and studying the Bible is not what God intended? Such reading and studying of the Bible, even though they... Continue Reading →

Leave the Result to the Lord

We have to do everything as if we do it to the Lord (Eph. 6:5-8). This has been mentioned by many preachers and commentators in the sense that we have to do everything faithfully out of sincere heart. It is an absolutely right and valuable lesson. It is a message of the passage from an... Continue Reading →

“Doing the Will of God”

Doing the will of God includes having faith and doing what God is pleased with. The expression is comprehensive. It is not at all about outward action without sincere heart nor just intellectual faith that does not move the person to act. Doing the will of God is the most precise expression to discuss righteousness.... Continue Reading →

“Do” God’s Will

The Bible teaches us to "do" God's will. God's will is sometimes expressed by the form of laws, statutes, and commandments. As a whole, it is expressed by words, the scripture. So, we have to do the words of God. Especially, since Jesus came and taught them to humans, we have to do the words... Continue Reading →

The Community of the Way

People who are living by the Spirit of the designer build a community. If a person lives by the spirit, he or she does good to others as the Spirit of the Designer always wills. As he or she does, those, who recognize his or her goodness, love him or her. Then they would build... Continue Reading →

The Person To Be

Please, remember that all of this discussion is for us to get the idea of the life that the Designer intended for the human being to live in its life in the flesh. In other words, it is for us to get the right idea of what kind of life we have to live so... Continue Reading →

Who The Way Is

The way was with the Designer eternally in the past and will be. They cannot be separated by their nature: The way is how the Designer does good to other creatures that it is indispensable for the Designer; the way cannot and has no reason to exist without the Designer. Therefore, the way is the... Continue Reading →

The Way To Us

The way gives wisdom and truth to the human being. It is because the human being needs the standard by which it can make the right decision. It is because it is the only being of all the creatures that has free will to make decisions. Therefore, the human being needs the revelation of the... Continue Reading →

The Way

Goodness is not goodness if it does not do good. For it to be goodness, it has to be always doing good. It is like light always emits light. This assumes two significant logical facts. One, there has to be the receiver of the good that the goodness is doing. The other, there should be... Continue Reading →

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