Writings From A Perspective

I grew up in Korea; I have been living in the United States only 10 years. I like writing to share my ideas and understandings, especially cross-culturally and cross-linguistically. Different language-culture means different way of view of life, view of the world, and even view of the word of God. This differences originating from the diverse languages and cultures necessarily result in the diverse ideas, understandings, and ways of life. Diversity means a possibility of choice of one out of many; however, it also means the necessity for a harmony to get closer to the completeness that diversity is for according to God’s creation.

Interpretation of the Holy Scripture, unfortunately, have been depraved of the due diverse approaches in the history of interpretation of Scripture. It is opposed to the intention of the divine Author. It is against the will of God, manifested in the creation, because God created the world in diversity. If he had had any opposition to diverse ideas and understandings of meaning of life and the relation between him and man, he would have never “confused” the language of the people in the Babel (Genesis 11:7). Even the fact that the Lord, Jesus Christ, sent his disciples into all nations to spread the gospel does not oppose the diversity. It is not out of an imperialistic idea to remove diversity in understanding the gospel as some Christians seem to have been believing erroneously. They preach/teach the gospel as if everyone has to understand and interpret it in the same way they do. For them, only their interpretation is the true gospel.

As one understands the life and teachings of Jesus according to the Bible, there are many things that allow the person to see in his/her own perspective. It is also a thing that is natural to human beings. It is like that a merchant thinks as a merchant whatever it may be, while an artist as an artist; I read things in my perspective as you do in yours. This is natural to human beings and also inevitable. No one, therefore, should force his/her own way of thinking or interpretation to others; it is against human nature and the law of God manifested in his creation. Imposing a certain perspective unto others, thinking himself/herself/themselves superior to others, whatever theory it may be based on, is just imperialistic, which is strange to God, his Spirit of creation, and the gospel itself.

Therefore, all ideas and understandings of the gospel by all truth-seekers have to be welcomed for discussion. Such discussion means looking into Scripture through various perspectives. One can go deeper than others in some areas; yet one cannot go so deep as others in everything. So, if all of us, each of whom may have deeper ideas and understandings in some areas than others, can share deep ideas with each other in pursuit of truth, it must result in better and better insight of truth. On the other hand, it is one of the stupidest things just to persist on his/her own perspective. Therefore, paying attention to diverse ideas and insights is one of the wisest things for a truth-seeker.

My ideas and understandings may not be something great as that of others who are popular in the church and the world. However, there may be some good things that one can never find in their ideas. Some wise readers may find some treasures out of the mount of trash. I will be happy, if there is one, even only one, like that, and that, not necessarily right now but in generations later.  

Minku Andrew Chang.


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering at Seoul National University, 1990
  • Master of Ministry at Freed-Hardeman University, Henderson TN, Dec. 2009
  • Master of Divinity at Harding School of Theology, Memphis TN, May 2013
  • Master of Art in Teaching English Second Language at University of Mississippi, Oxford MS, May 2016; ePortfolio)

Work Experience

  • Volunteer Minister (Martin Church of Christ, Martin TN, 17 Aug. 2008-Aug. 2009)
  • Korean College Minister (Oxford Church of Christ, Oxford MS, Sept. 2009-Sept. 2011)
  • Preaching/teaching Minister (Jackson Grove Church of Christ, Enid MS, May 2013-May 2014)
  • Preaching/teaching Minister (Calvary Hill Church of Christ, Oxford MS, Oct. 2011-May 2016, Sermons Preached Here!)
  • ESL teacher/tutor (University of Mississippi IEP, Oxford MS, Aug. 2014-May 2016)
  • Now, Korean/International Minister at Chestnut Drive Church of Christ (Chestnut Drive Church of Christ)

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