To Be As Fruitful As Bees

Do you know how much pollens the honey bees in a hive carry per year? About 60 pounds! Then, how much value the honey bee makes per year by pollination? Billions of dollars! The honey bee is so fruitful. How can it be? Is there anything we may learn from them as Proverbs teaches some to learn from ants (6:6)?
It is interesting how they do the ‘work’, that is, pollination. They don’t do it as a work they have to put extra efforts to accomplish. They are just doing their work to gather honey for themselves but they still pollinate, producing such great value. Then, how do they do it? It is very simple; getting covered with pollens as they live their everyday lives. As they visit flowers in their everyday lives, they can’t help getting covered with their pollens. As they move from flower to flower to find their food, they carry pollens because their hands and foots are already covered with them. What is so adorable is that as they work the more for their living, they pollinate the more. It is all because they are covered with pollens as they live their everyday lives.
As pollination is all about spreading pollens for plants to bear fruits, evangelism is spreading the gospel for people to bear spiritual fruits. Because we as Christians really wish to be fruitful in it, if we can be productive as the little honey bees, it must be great. How can we be so fruitful like them? The lesson we can get from them is simple: Get covered! With what? With the gospel in our case. If we are covered with the gospel, we will carry it wherever we may go, whoever we may meet, and regardless of whether we intend it or not.
What does it mean, then, to be covered by the gospel? You know it: Faithfully live as Jesus would live in your life! In other words, live your own life, but in the spirit of Jesus, in the love He exemplified and showed for us all, and in the attitude in which He endured sufferings in doing God’s will. If we do, we can’t help dropping seeds of the gospel to them so that they may become sweet fragrant fruits to God. This ‘work’ may be what Jesus meant by the “good works” that we, His disciples, are to do:

“You are the light of the world. …, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Matt. 5:14-16).

For our evangelism, let’s learn the secret from the bee of how to be so fruitful. We may bring billions of souls to the Lord. But the secret is so simple that anyone of us won’t say, ‘I can’t do it’ or ‘Someone else may do it.’ It is just to get covered with the gospel and live our everyday lives.

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