Smile on the brink of a deep cliff

Bright shining innocent smile is the face of peace in mind. Feeling insecurity, uneasiness, or frustration, or hiding wickedness, resentment, or apathy, it is impossible to get such smile on the face. Even with these in heart one may make a smile on the face, but it is not beautiful smile, mi-so. It is ssuk-so, evil smile. In this sense, genuine bright shining beautiful innocent smile is the expression of peace in mind.

Face of peace of mind

In other words, bright beautiful innocent smile doesn’t appear on the face without peace in mind. This is why it is not easy to find such a smile from this generation, who are surrounded 24 hours by things that hinder them from having peace in mind. The quarrel at the breakfast table early in the morning begins expelling it out of heart. It gets many blows struggling among customers and coworkers but the biggest blow comes by the lowered self esteem at the meeting with friends and relatives in the evening. Coming back home at night, the spouse and the children blow away the rest of it as opposed to the hope for them to help it. In this negative oppressing circumstances, it is almost impossible to have the smile unless one gets a little bit out of mind. In this negative and hopeless environment, iron cold dark face is natural and the smile is an extraordinary thing to hope for.

Smile is the face of happiness. Some may say it is not a big deal to live without smile, but iron cold dark face … if one lives behind such a face, it means they are not happy nor are making others happy either. Living without smile means unhappiness—therefore, it is a big deal. Just as there is no one who doesn’t want to be happy, there is no one either who doesn’t miss the bright shining beautiful innocent smile. Everybody wants to have it to be happy or as the result of happiness. You must want it too. If you really do, here is the way—you have to get peace in mind revived in your heart because it is the root of smile. Getting peace in mind is the way not only to get smile back to your face but to get your life happy.

Overcome the world to smile

It is why you have to overcome the world, to have peace in mind, smile and ultimately, happiness in your life. You don’t have peace in mind, smile, and true joy unless you should overcome it because it surrounds you with all negative and oppressing things to rob you of them. The world wouldn’t change for your life; it is you that have to be changed, which means you have to overcome it. I am not telling you to compromise with the world nor turn your back to it. They are not overcoming the world but just surrendering to or avoiding it. Many have gone those ways but they didn’t get smile and joy back to their lives simply because they went to a wrong way.

Overcome the world by faith. Only faith can overcomes the world (1 John 5:4). No other means than faith in God makes you really overcome the world—the faith in God who created the world, fashioned it, and has all authority over it forever. There is nothing in this world that is not in His hands nor escapes His eyes. Only the sovereign Lord of all is able to keep our smile from the negative and oppressing world. Offer glory to God, which is to trust Him even in the overwhelming the world (Romans 4:18-20). As we glorifying Him with faith, He works for us (Numbers 14:8) and that is our overcoming the world. That is, therefore, our work, to glorify Him, that is, to trust Him, to hope in Him, and to smile brightly, even as we are living in the negative and hopeless world (John 6:29).

It is only those that overcome the world, who believe in the almighty loving God. Only they, even in the negative and hopeless situations, have peace in mind and smile a bright shining beautiful innocent smile. They really deserve to be happy. Therefore the key is faith. It is to trust in God that He is so mighty that He can make all our hopes come true at a blink of an eye even when all things are pressing us to hopelessness. The faith keeps bright shining smile on our face even when we face the deepest cliff in our life.

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