Not Judge But Love!

We may have various opinions (Romans 14:1, 2 and 5). We may think they are truths. However, only God’s will–love–prevails, and no human opinion. This is truth. Then why would we so serious about our opinions and judge others according to them and commit the sin of not-loving? There is no point to do so.

Please let me tell this to those especially who think they are Christians but judge others. Even regarding knowledge, the same point is true. The biblical knowledge is that which is revealed and taught in the word of God (Daniel 2:20-23). For example, the fact that God is only one is such knowledge (1 Corinthians 8:4). The knowledge is one of the things that Christians have to make constant effort to supplement to our lives (cf. 2 Peter 1:5). But not all possess the knowledge. Then, as different levels of knowledge are unavoidable among people, they appear exactly the same way as the various opinions. It is because ones who have a full knowledge of a matter cannot always convince those who have it partially now. When both talk to each other about it, the latter may treat the former as just ones who have different opinions about it.           

This is my understanding about the teaching of the bible now. It may not make sense but I hope you could understand it. 

“I lived according to a set of opinions. As I grew I realized some of them were just illusionary, some of them were subjective, some of them were relative, and others were situational and temporary. None of the opinions I had was universal so far as I know. 

As I tried to get out of the opinions until recently, and as I got out the more, the more clearly I could see what the word of God says, not through my opinions but through itself. 

Then, finally, I recognized that everything had to be disappeared but the godly spirit. It has to remain in me so that I may live only by doing the will of God.”

We may have various opinions and levels of knowledge. However, if we lead others to stumble by them, it will be better for us to hang the millstone around our neck and jump into the bottomlessly deep sea. What about our children? If we let them follow our opinions and because of the opinions if they stumble, how will we be justified?

Therefore, listen to and obey what the word of God says about this matter:

“Do not judge others who are different in opinions and knowledges but love them anyway!”

References: Romans 14, 1 Corinthians 8, Colossians 2:16f, Matthew 7:1-5, and 1 Cor. 13:1-3.

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