The Right Order for Love

This morning, God gave me a great enlightenment; I realized that my understanding was preposterous. I was still legalistic to this regard. I was thinking I would not be able to love some people for I have negative evaluation of them. I believed my negative evaluation of them hindered me from loving them. So, I... Continue Reading →

Is Telling A Truth Not Judging?

A preacher preached that it is not judging to tell a scripture for it is truth. He was applying the idea to the virtual case that may happen between a Christian and a gay. His point was that to tell a gay that ‘it is not right to be a gay according to the Scripture... Continue Reading →

Not Judge But Love!

We may have various opinions (Romans 14:1, 2 and 5). We may think they are truths. However, only God's will--love--prevails, and no human opinion. This is truth. Then why would we so serious about our opinions and judge others according to them and commit the sin of not-loving? There is no point to do so.... Continue Reading →

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