Faith Overcomes

Dear friend,

I appreciate you told me what your concern is.
I know just a little what it is to live in the US as an international student or worker. I have been both for a pretty extended time–9 years. Beside one’s character, any international person who survives in the US society, whether it be in study or work among native Americans, has to put more than double effort and time, at least because of poorer communication skills and understanding the subject matters in the socio-cultural context in this society. For this reason, he or she has to become an involuntary slave to work or study. I was one until I got back to my mind, having realized that I do not have all control of all things of my life but I have to have faith in the One who is almighty and all-loving to his children at all times and at all means. So I learned that I have to let some things of my life just go as they go in faith in the One.
First, I learned that there are things I cannot make happen at the times I want them to happen and in the ways I want them to happen. I learned I in many situations had no choice but to let things just happen as they would in their time and in their ways. I have control of myself for many things in some aspects but it does not mean that I have control of time and way of most of important things of my life when and how they happen. I got to acknowledge that it is a universal truth of life.
Even after I had acknowledged it, still I could not get out of kind of constant worries about how things would happen and when. I was worrying for them not to happen in the bad times and awful ways, in other words, in those I did not want. Only not long ago, I realized I was doing so because my faith in God was not true but fake. It was for two reasons. One, I was still having what ‘I wanted’ instead subjecting my whole will to God’s will. If I had done so, I would not have had any thing like “I want this to happen at this time in the way I want.” I got to know I had such wishes because I did not subject my will to God’s will as I thought I did. If I had done so truly, I would not have been stressed like I was.
The other reason that my faith was fake was because I was not trusting in God as the One who is almighty, all-knowing, and perfectly good and loving. If he is my gracious and merciful heavenly steadfast-loving Father, and if I am doing his will, why would he not give me the best things? If he did not, he would not be the God, who is perfectly merciful and loving. If he was not, there is no point of faith in him. But, in fact, he is! Therefore, I should have believed in him that he gives me the best all the time in my life on earth as far as I was doing his will. Even when something miserable happens to me, it is also a best gift from him; he gives it to me because he wants me to go through it, for me to get the best blessing ultimately. There is no coincidence in him. To his children, everything, however it may look to people, is the best gift from him (Matthew 7:7-11; Romans 8:28).
As I realized it and got to have such faith–even if I still forget it many times–I could be released from worries, cares, sleepless nights, and disheartenings for struggles in uncertainty of life. This faith is one thing that I would like to share with those whom I am serving. For non-Christians it would take long or be almost impossible to reach this kind of faith, unless they first open their heart and believe that there exists God who is the Creator of all things and Sustainer of them, and steadfast loving Father. For all, whether Christians or non-Christians, true faith matters; it overcomes the world (1 John 5:4).
My beloved friend, I will pray for you that you do well always in all things you are doing. I believe you are a strong person and are doing well in everything in your life. Surely, I do. However, anytime if you need someone to talk to or to pray for your specific things or situations, if you tell me, I would be really glad. In this regard too, you may regard me as your servant. Finally, I hope this word of God encourages you as it does me all the time.
“Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:6-7).
In dearest friendship.
<This is a letter I wrote in response to one of my international friends who are struggling with stresses from a lot of works in English as a second language.>

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