The Job’s Question

Why God lets humans suffer for many things such as from financial poverty, sickness, depression, through loss of job, car accidents, diseases, to loss of beloved ones, even a child, starvations of people including helpless children, and wars and disasters that swept so many lives even including innocent children? We may coin it as the ‘Job’s... Continue Reading →

Faith Overcomes

Dear friend, I appreciate you told me what your concern is. I know just a little what it is to live in the US as an international student or worker. I have been both for a pretty extended time--9 years. Beside one's character, any international person who survives in the US society, whether it be... Continue Reading →

Faith and Authority (Matt. 8:1-4)

At the Sermon on the Mount many people were astonished. Jesus did not teach them like Pharisees and scribes, but as one who had authority (Matt. 8:1-2).  One of those who recognized the authority of Jesus was a leper. He approached Jesus and knelt down before him and called him “Lord” (8:3). Kneeling down before... Continue Reading →

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