The Way

Goodness is not goodness if it does not do good. For it to be goodness, it has to be always doing good. It is like light always emits light. This assumes two significant logical facts. One, there has to be the receiver of the good that the goodness is doing. The other, there should be the way through which the goodness does good to the receiver.

The universe is the receiver of the goodness of the Designer and his Spirit. There could be other receivers but what they are beyond human idea. It is absolutely up to the Designer; it is at his will. Therefore, there is no other relationship we could discuss than that between the Designer and the universe and the human being.

What we need to pay our attention to for this discussion is the way, through which the Designer does good to the universe and the human being. Through the knowledge of the way, we may understand more about the Designer and his Spirit and the relationship between them and the human being. Also it will give us further understanding of the human life. The way is what this series of writings will talk about.

The way has some necessary attributes. For example, it has to belong to the realm of goodness. If it belongs to the other realm, which is that of evil, it cannot work for goodness. Further it should not have evil at any rate. If it does, the goodness that is done to the receiver cannot be whole but it includes evil that is produced by the evil aspect of the way. It is like a rust of a water pipe that affects the quality of water that goes through it.

The main function of the way is to work as the agency of the Designer. It is the way through which the Designer realizes his will that he conceives in his Spirit. Accomplishing the will of the Designer is the reason for the being of the way. Therefore, it is the revelation of the Designer’s being and his essence, his Spirit. Not only that it also connects the Designer and the receiver of his good; in this respect, it is the mediator. The way is the carrier of the will of the Designer and mediator for the receiver.

The way has to be always with the Designer for him to do good through it. So, it was with the Designer, it is, and will be forever. In other words, it is as eternal as the Designer and his Spirit–it has neither beginning nor end. It is in unity with the Designer and his Spirit. Any of them is indispensable for the being of the Designer. They are one.

The Designer has to have the way at least for two reasons. One, as we discussed, is for him to do goodness to the receiver, which is the most fundamental reason. This is mostly connected with the initiation and the sustenance of the universe and everything living in it. The other is for him to reveal his will to a certain receiver, which is the human being. This is connected with the unique feature of the human being that distinguishes it from the other creatures.

First, through the way the Designer fashioned the whole universe and sustains it. All universe is in perfect harmony. For living beings, it is possible for every one of them is living exactly by the instinct or order. For matters, every element of them is moving according to the law of nature. It is the wisdom through which the Designer has fashioned the universe and set it in perfect harmony. In this case the wisdom is the way.

Second, through the way the Designer revealed his will to the human being. It is because the human being is endowed with free will according to which each individual human being makes his or her own decisions. Even though it is a part of the whole nature, because it is unique by the feature, it has to be given something unique. It is what the Designer wills upon it. For it to make right decisions, what the Designer purposed for it at the initiation of it had to be given it. This is the specific wisdom given by the Designer for the human being. As the wisdom has the absoluteness because its origin is the Designer, the Originator of all, it is the absolute truth. So for this case the truth is the way.

The way is wisdom and truth. The wisdom is the foundation of the perfection of the universe. It gives the order and the nature to every individual living being that they continue their living. It does to the matters too that they exist as a certain matter. The wisdom and truth include the rules and the nature not only of the physical things but also of the spiritual things.

The wisdom and truth are a part of the thought of the Designer conceived in the Spirit of him. The way is the expression of the thought of the Designer and the thought that the way carries out is the will of the Designer toward the receiver. It is what reaches the receiver from the Designer. It is the entity only through which the receiver perceives the Designer and his Spirit.

Therefore, the way is the revelation of the Designer, what reaches the receiver from him, and what the receiver could perceive of him. It means that the way is with the receiver and the Designer at the same time;that is, it is the mediator and connector between them.

The way does not have any form for it is purely spiritual as the Designer and his Spirit are. Because of the nature, as it is perceived it has to be interpreted into a form which the creature can get. There are two forms in terms of how they are revealed.

The one form is the one which the creature itself and its being reveals. In other words it is embedded in the creature and the nature. The biological formation and process of a living being is this kind. This includes the way of life of animals. How electrons, protons, other particles, and forces between them construct a matter is this kind also. How the solar system and other planets are moving and construct the whole astronomical system is this kind as well. How all the nature is being sustained in perfect harmony is this kind. This form has been the object of the natural science.

The other form is specific toward the human being. It is related with the fact that the wisdom and truth the Designer has to reveal for them is unique. It is in order to give them the standard of what is right. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary for the human being for it makes his or her own decision. This one cannot be embedded in the creature, the human being, as opposed to the one; if it is, it is not for the ‘free’ agency. This one is the information of the will of the Designer and his Spirit. The information is laid out to human beings so that they can choose to accept it or not. This one is in the form that can be understood only by the human being.

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