How To Change The Worldview?

Now we came to the point to answer to how to change our worldview. It may not be easy not that it is necessarily difficult in and of itself, but that it is not a thing that can be done by a resolution over a night. A resolution might be the first step to take toward it but unless one follows up to the end, that is, the death or the loss of mind, it will not be done yet.

It must be a long process for one to change his or her worldview because it is a holistic change of entire life. However, one has to begin. This beginning means the opening his or her heart to the denial of the exclusiveness of the worldly worldview and the possibility of the other worldview. This could be done with the resolution.

Since one has begun the process, s/he needs continue the journey to the end of life. Only through the lifetime journey one may reach the holistic change of his or her worldview. It is like all or nothing game: if you finish it, you may get all, but if you stop at any point, you cannot get anything–you should start over if you still want it. In other words, stopping the journey itself means giving up pursuing the other worldview. It is because there are only two alternative worldviews but there is no common ground between them.

Let’s look into the journey into the other worldview. Above all, you should be “natural.” You are to live harmonious with the nature, the universe, of which yourself is a part. Do not go against what the nature teaches. Do not live against what humans are supposed to be in nature but be yourself as a part of the whole universe.

Acknowledge that we cannot live without other parts of it. Show gratitude from heart for them–the air, the sky, the forest, the sea, the living creatures, your parents and siblings and their love, and your time, birth, growth, death, and even diseases, which is a part of the natural life.

Do not harm yourself as any nature does not hurt itself. Do not harm yourself by trying to be someone else than yourself but love yourself who you are supposed to be. Do not hurt your soul by disrespecting your natural life; you were so precious to your parents, to your beloved ones, and to yourself. You are never nothing; but you are one who is here because the designer and initiator of life put its unfathomable effort so much as it did to someone you are badly envious of. Love yourself by being yourself who you are supposed to be. Just be natural. That’s the basic for the journey.

Desire is the enemy to being and living natural. It is for nothing else but for the person him or herself. It demands other creatures to sacrifice for him or her; but it pulls him or her back from sacrificing him or herself for them. It cuts in between him or her and other people and him or her and other creatures; it breaks the harmony and peace between him or her and others. Therefore, it drives the person away from the harmonious natural way of life.

Desire, conceived in the heart, if the person does not fight against it, leads the person to unnatural life to accomplish it. As the person tastes the deceptive sweetness of the fruit of desires, s/he becomes greedier. Therefore, any desire is never satisfied but it grows boundless. As it grows, it swallows up the person and s/he becomes self-indulgent. S/he can live naturally neither to him or herself nor to other creatures.

Therefore, for one to live natural life, s/he has to root desires out of his or her heart. Desire, however, does not retreat without resistance; it may be a most  sticky and reluctant foe. Therefore, constant spiritual fight against desires is the other side of natural life.

It is not the all to do to remove desires from heart for one to live natural and harmonious in the universe. Having done it, one has to fill the emptied heart with goodnesses. Otherwise, desires come back into it through his or her weaknesses. It is like an empty house that remain vulnerable to robbery.

Some of goodnesses, with which one has to fill the emptied heart, are revealed in the nature. Human beings have to have the goodnesses because they are part of the nature. For example, human beings have to have harmoniousness, peacefulness, and fruitfulness, which are some of the obvious attributes of the nature. Therefore, one has to fill his or her emptied heart with the goodnesses revealed in the nature.

Other goodnesses, with which one has to fill the emptied heart, are the attributes of the designer and its spirit. One of them is love. Out of the love, it initiated the universe in the goodness so that all creatures in it get benefits from each other according to the goodness. Without its love, nothing would have come into exist because the evil spirit does not do any good at any rate. Therefore, love and the attributes of the designer are definitely the goodnesses with which the person has to fill his or her emptied heart to live harmonious and natural.

As one lives natural filled with the attributes of the nature and those of the designer, s/he will not only acknowledge the other world but also live by it. S/he will notice how great life it is to live natural and harmonious; s/he will realize in what the true value and happiness in the human life lies. S/he will position him or herself as a part of the nature and so his or her spirit will have nothing against the spirit of the designer of the nature.

S/he is being transformed into the original person the designer initiated in the beginning. S/he is participating in the attributes of the designer. So, s/he is a visible image and reality of the invisible designer. His or her life is the life in which the spirit of the designer is living. S/he is one with the designer in spirit. Therefore, s/he shares the fate of the designer unto eternity.

The transformation has resulted in eternal freedom from the doom of the world, which is the spiritual realm that is going against the designer, initiator, and sustainer. This is eternal salvation. It is what the perfect goodness has resulted in to the person who lives according to the spirit of the designer. The change of the worldview gets to the person such a great reward. However, people, who are living by the worldly worldview, do not get it. What about you?

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