The Drink

Many people drink coke or coffee early in the morning. Many of them do it to wake themselves up for the day. Yes! We want something to wake up our body from sleepiness, clearing our foggy mind and driving away laziness that is part of our nature. The a little bit strong drink in early morning activates our body. That’s good.

What about our spirit? We might have lost the fervor we had until yesterday or last week. We might have forgotten the taste for what we had been doing. We might have gone bad in spirit having been overcome by many sweet temptations that smile to us everyday even in our own small world. We might just want to be lazy as a dog. We might be stuck in the bottom of our life for any reason that we do not feel even a slightest piece of enthusiasm to soar up. If any of these happens to us, it may not be easy to get out of it. We may succeed but the scar could be serious.

What if we have a drink that awakens our spirit as we drink it? We will drink it every morning as we do coffee or coke. As we drink coffee or coke because we want to awaken our body in the morning, we will want the same sort of thing to our spirit that it will work as, or better than, it did yesterday or last week. We will definitely do it every morning, or as many times as we want. We will do it more and more as we realize that, as we do it, our spirit gets stronger and so does our life. As we realize the power of the drink, we will love it and surely be addicted to it. We will seek it more eagerly than we do coffee or coke.

Do you need such a drink? I have never heard of any chemical, natural or artificial, drink that works so. If there was, it would have been in the commercials. However, I know kinds of such drink that work definitely so for me. Those are what I drink every morning and whenever I need to get awakened and refreshed in spirit (As I have the drinks I can do this kind of service, not big though; I get something to share with others). Now I am addicted to them! These are they:

Bible reading; and
Calling blessings to my family and people I love.

Would you like some? Help yourself! They are right before you.

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