What The Worldview Does To The Person

We started first talking about the blessing of the good tree. We talked about then how to be a good tree, which was about transformation of a person. We discussed that it is the goal of life as the essence one has to change for the transformation. Finally we began talking about the worldview as the essence of the goal of life for the transformation. Through the discussion, we reached the basic knowledge of the other world. 

Therefore, the knowledge of the other world does not do good unless it leads one into “the other worldview.” Here it means a worldview that acknowledges and accepts the existence of the other world, the existence of the designer of this world and its spirit, and the irresistible dependence of this world for its existence on the designer and its spirit. I call it the other worldview in distinction from the worldly worldview, in which people denies those things the other worldview acknowledges but view that this world is the whole world.

According to our discussion so far for transformation one got to change the worldview. How could one change his or her worldview from the worldly one to the other one? As s/he has done, what would happen to him or her life? These are basically the things we will discuss this week.

A knowledge of the world does not necessarily lead the person to view the world according to the knowledge. Even many of the people who acknowledge the other world still live by the worldly worldview. So, to have a certain worldview is much further than having a knowledge of the world.

To have a worldview means to conform one’s spirit with the spirit of the world s/he views as the whole world. The conformation means to accept what the spirit teaches as truth and follow it consistently throughout life; that is, it means to live by it. Therefore, to have a worldview establishes the spiritual relationship between the world and the person. If one has the worldly worldview, he will have the spiritual relationship with this world and if, the other worldview, with the other world.

What does the spiritual relationship mean? First, s/he loves the world and the things of the world. Second, s/he sets his or her hope solely on the world and the things of it. Third, s/he does all things to please the world and the spirit of it. Therefore, s/he becomes like a servant of the world who serves it and its spirit. It is like doing one’s best to please the world and its spirit to get the hope as the reward from the world s/he loves and serves.

Living by a worldview means loving the world, in which the person desires to live, and living by its spirit to please it. Therefore, the worldview affects the person’s life holistically: His or her life will be full of thoughts and works that go along with the spirit of the world; so, his or her fate will be determined by the worldview.

It is like a man who is fallen in love with a woman. She and her love is his hope. His heart is full of thoughts about her and how to win her love, as if he regards her love as the reward for his life. So, he does everything to please her, even risking his life; he loves what she loves and hates what she hates. He aligns his mind, heart, and spirit with hers; and he uses all that he has to please her and get her love as the reward for his hope.

Likewise the hope one has set according to his or her worldview will lead his or her life into the world and its spirit further and further. The hope for the reward motivates, strengthens, pushes, and pulls him or her into further. S/he judges all things of life according to the spirit of the world. Therefore, his or her mind becomes the spirit of the world; s/he and the world belongs to one spirit. So, his or her fate gets identified with that of the world and its spirit. The worldview determined his or her eternal fate.

‘This world’ means the spiritual realm that is formed by the people, who live by the worldly worldview. It is formed by their spirit which is going against that of the designer. They do not appreciate the designer, initiator, and sustainer of the universe in which they are living; neither do they show their gratitude for their existence to the initiator and sustainer of themselves. Rather they scoff the idea of its existence of the designer and initiator and of its law that sustains the whole world; they are just rebellious.

On top of that, they never appreciate the goodness of the designer and its spirit while they are getting indispensable benefit from  its gift, the whole universe and even their own lives. They never acknowledge the whole world as it is but the only physical world to which their desire is stuck. They are spiritually blind, ignorant, and stubborn; their eyes are darkened by the worldly spirit.

What kind of spirit would it be that does not appreciate the grace of the giver who gave them the gift without which they even cannot exist? What would be the nature of it that does not lead them, who live by it, to acknowledge the giver but rather to deny and contempt it. Would it have any difference in nature from the spirit of the people who do not appreciate their own parents and their love, that are the foundation for their life? Therefore, the worldly spirit never belongs to the goodness but the evil.

The worldview establishes the relationship between the person and the world s/he desires for. Since the relationship is spiritual, the person gets into the relationship with the nature of the world and its spirit–the goodness or the evil. The goodness never does evil; the evil never does good. This gives us the idea on how the worldview affects the person and his or her life seriously.

If one loves and serves the evil, it does not do any good to the one. In other words, because this world, which one loves and serves, and its spirit are evil, they do not do any good to the person. It is regardless of whether what the person gets from this world appears good because the evil may disguise itself to achieve its purpose. This relationship anyway hurts the person spiritually; so the relationship to this world and its spirit leads the person into slavery to the evil.

If one loves and serves the goodness, it does never any evil to the one but good. Because the other world, with which one has the spiritual relationship, and its spirit belong to the goodness, they never fail to do good to the person. It is regardless of whether what the person gets in this world, because of the other worldview, appears bad; the goodness always does good, even eternally. Therefore, this relationship releases the person from the evil, and even from harms of this world; it leads the person into freedom from the evil.

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