The Other Worldview

It is a fact that the worldly view of the world is the one most of the people of this world are living by, regardless of whether they acknowledge the fact that they are. People prone to have it. It is natural for many reasons. One of them is that they are living in the world. The world, in some ways, forces people to conform themselves to it. One other reason may be that, because most of people are living by it, young generations, as they develop theirs, are brainwashed not to make questions about it. One other reason could be that people themselves want to live by it. They do not want to bother themselves by questioning about it as they are living by it in the world. Therefore, according to the common sense of the world, it is of no problem to live by the worldview.

Nevertheless, what if there is the other worldview, which is substantially different from the worldly one? What if the other one is the better than the one; that is, what if it is the one which leads people, who live by it, to a better life, even an eternally better one? If it is true, not a few people will surely change theirs to the one and live by it. Unfortunately, however, it is not so sure if there is the other world. If it were sure, we would not need to talk about it. However, it is equally unsure that there is not the other world and that we do not need the other worldview. Therefore, if one is serious about life, s/he has to be prudent enough not to make a hasty conclusion until s/he proves that there is not the other world and so the need of the other worldview.

Are we serious about our life? Are we prudent enough not to make a hasty conclusion but to examine it carefully? Please, let’s be open to this discussion. Especially, please, forget what you have heard or saw from those, who say that they have the belief in the other world. I say this because they may or may not be truthful to what they are claiming about it. Anyone will not want to be so foolish that s/he draws the conclusion based on the information s/he got from those who are not truthful to it. It is like to judge a group of people as a whole only on the basis of a part of its members, who do not live up to the standard of the group. If you stay open to discussion, you may get blessed so much that you even cannot imagine. Who knows? Then, why not?

People make choices every moment between good and evil. Not all of them seem to be between good and evil but all of them are. It is because any one of them is not out of one’s worldview. However trivial a choice may seem, people do not make any one without considering it according to the worldview. It is because human mind is like an organism in its entirety—everything we do consciously, maybe unconsciously too, is connected to each other and to our worldview. Therefore, every choice, even if it appears irrelevant to our worldview, is connected with it. That is, all choices we make are coherent. Therefore, as our worldview is either good or evil, every choice we make according to our worldview is either good or evil.

The fact people naturally make choices between good and evil is a point we have to pay attention to for our discussion on whether or not there is the other world. It reveals the fact that people know that there are two substantially different categories—the goodness and the evil. It is not what people have to learn from others that they have choice between the two. They know it as they live in this world. What it means to the discussion is that the two categories are here among us independent of us.

Suppose a man who makes most of his choices that go along with the goodness and the other who makes ones that go along with the evil. As a person lives making choices consistently either good or evil, the person develops the spirit that goes with the category to which the nature of his or her choices belong. Therefore, the one is developing the good spirit and the other, evil spirit. As a person has developed his or her spirit, his or her spirit will lead him or her, and s/he will develop his or her spirit more toward the spirit s/he has been developing. It is like a spiral toward the top of a category without getting out of it. The one is living inside the border of the category of the goodness and the other, inside that of the evil. Both are living together in this world physically, however, spiritually they are living in the substantially different realm from each other.

How do we know that there are good and evil? The nature, the universe, reveals it. What if the nature constantly attacks each other? What if the nature of it is opposite to the current one? That is, what if they are not mostly good, harmless, and useful but toxic, harmful, and aggressive? For example, what if the air is not good enough to breathe? What if the bugs are genetically venomous and aggressive? What if the ocean is normally stormy? What if the weather is usually too cold or too hot? Such nature must be destroyed by itself. Such nature could not exist.

However, the nature is enjoyable, useful, and fruitful—that is, it is good. It means the power, the natural law, that sustains the nature belongs the realm of the goodness. This tells us an important thing regarding good and evil. Because nothing is out of the nature, if a creature lives against the law that initiated and sustains the nature, it means there is another law that governs it. Is there any creature that is able to go intentionally against the natural law? Any creature of the nature is not but the human being; human is the only creature that does what s/he chooses, even against the natural law.

The nature reveals the goodness. Only the human being, however, even if it is a part of the nature, could move against the natural law. So, the direction the human world moves into shows it that the power, by which the human world is moving, that is, the worldly law, does not belong to the realm to which the natural law belongs. In other word, it means the worldly law belongs to the realm of the evil. The contrast between the nature and the human world shows us that there is the realm of the evil as well as that of the goodness.

No physical thing is eternal; every physical thing has the end as well as the beginning. As for the beginning, for a thing to come into existence, there has to be the design of it before its initiation. The design is an outcome of the spirit of the designer. Therefore, the designer and its spirit have to exist before the beginning of the thing. It is the same as for the end of the thing. Even after the designer and the spirit of it put it to an end, they exist.

It means the existence of the designer and the spirit of it that initiate, sustain, and end a thing is independent of the thing. This is true with the designer of the nature and the spirit of it. What does all of this mean? It means the world, the universe, is not the whole; the whole ‘world’ is more than the universe. There is the other realm which is totally independent of this world, where the designer of the nature and its spirit exist. Surprise! The other world exists.

What would be more surprising is the relation between of the other world and this world. Remember the nature is good; an evil nature cannot exist; therefore, first, the other world belongs to the realm of the goodness because it is the realm in which the designer of the nature and its spirit exist. Second, the absolute power over this world belongs to the other world because the designer and its spirit determine the beginning, the sustenance, and the end of this world. Third, this world, on the other hand, cannot do anything to the other world–rather, this world should not go against the spirit of the designer. In sum, this world is totally dependent on the other world for its existence; there is no way for this world to get out of the power and decision of the designer of the nature and its spirit that exist in the other world.

The world we call “this world” was supposed to be a part of the nature, that is, the universe; however, it is not. The human beings, who do not acknowledge the designer nor accept the spirit of the designer, used their free will–given by the designer though–against the will of the designer, and their spirit formed a spiritual realm. Since their spirit is against the will of the spirit of the designer, which belongs to the realm of the goodness, the spiritual realm, which their spirit formed, belongs to the evil. “This world” refers to that spiritual realm; it does not refer to the nature, the universe, as a whole. The evil spiritual realm, therefore, is dependent specifically on the existence of the people, who are subject to the evil spirit; so, that realm will disappear if there is no one, who is living by the spirit. Therefore, the people, who are living by the evil spirit, combined with the evil spiritual realm, which is dependent on them, is “this world.”

This world is based on a physical being, the people. Therefore, this world cannot be eternal. However, the other world is different. It necessarily exists eternally at least for these reasons. First, it is not based on a physical being; so, it is not subject to change. Second, there is no evil in the other world–it is impossible. So any goodness will not put to an end the realm of the goodness. Therefore, the other world is eternal as well as good.

Then what has it to do with us? We have the hope to remain in or be transferred into the other world to be a part of it enjoying the goodness eternally. We can have the hope because of the perfect goodness of the designer and its spirit. Because of their nature, they will save those, who acknowledge the designer and live according to its spirit. For us to have the hope come true, we got to change our whole perspective of the world–our worldview; that is, we have to acknowledge the designer and live according to the will of its spirit. It is the destination of our journey to examine if the other world is and if we need the other worldview.

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