Be The Good Tree

A good tree always gives goodness to people. It stretches out leafy branches and gives them a cool shade from the sun. Children climb, swing, and even build their secret rooms on it. Birds make homes and grow their offsprings in it. As it gives out such goodness it also works inside to produce its fruits. As autumn arrives, it presents abundant mature delicious fruit. As it grows old that it has to go back to soil, it even gives its body to people to keep them warm in winter. In spring, the people are happy as they see a young tree of its kind growing where it was. They have the hope that the new tree will give the same goodness to their children as the tree before did to them.

The tree’s giving itself after all that it had done is not sad, however, for it is not the end of its story. The best part of it is coming yet. People, who want the goodness of the tree, took its seed and planted it near their home, in the hope to enjoy the goodness it gives. So the more people wanted the goodness, the more people planted it. Through generations the tree spread all over the world. Now, there is no place without the tree. Its fruit, its facility, and its wood became part of the lives of people all over the world. The tree has made the whole world better than ever as it lives among people. This is the best goodness of the tree–it fills the world with goodness.

Some people were so impressed by the goodness of the tree. So, they wanted to do good as it does. They thought of their good works as their fruit. The more people wanted goodness, the more fruit did they have to bear. It was great. It had to be continued. However, they got tired and bogged down unlike the tree. …. You know what? They should have understood it better. Does a tree give the goodness because it wants? Does it bear fruit intending to please people? Then, can it also quit bearing fruit? No. The tree gives out the goodness because it is a good tree. Giving the goodness is its nature. It cannot stop it. Likewise, the people, who wanted to do good to others, should have changed themselves in nature to be a good person. Once they had become such good one, their nature would have let them bear goodness to others and they would not have gotten tired and bogged down. They cannot do like the tree does unless they transform themselves in nature.

The first good tree was Jesus. He loved people. He gave every blessing to his people. He healed the sick. He fed the hungry. He brought the good news which is about forgiveness, eternal salvation, and the kingdom of heaven. He opened the gate to heaven for all people, ascended  into it, and became the way to it for his people as well. Thus he gave people hope—the hope of eternal happiness in heaven. It was by giving himself to death on the cruel cross. But it was not the end of his story. The Twelve, he chose as the first carriers and sowers of his seed, spread them watering with sweat and blood. Now, he is everywhere; he is among us. His goodness is available for anyone who asks him. He is the Good Tree that always gives goodness to those who come to him. He made the world better definitely. However, the best part of his goodness is not yet come. It is still in the hope–the hope of eternal happiness in heaven. It will be given only to those who are like him, that is, who are a Good Tree.

For one to inherit the hope of eternal happiness in heaven, s/he has to be a Good Tree; that is, s/he has to be a Jesus. There may not be one who do not want the hope. Many of us, however, may think it is too much for us. We may be afraid of burning out too soon even if we start doing good to others. Yes, to live like Jesus must be a great challenge. However, once we have become a Good Tree, our new nature will lead us to live so. Therefore, the only thing to concern, if we want the hope, is just to be a Good Tree; we do not have to worry about bearing fruit. It is not doing good works but being a Jesus that qualifies the person to inherit the hope. Do you know why? It is because it is the purpose of the creation of the human being. God created the human being in his image; and Jesus is the image of God (Collosians 1:15). To be like Jesus is fitting God’s purpose. Further than that, living like Jesus is participating in the nature of God (2 Peter 1:4). See, being a Jesus is the greatest blessing that a human can have. This is why salvation is only for those who have come back to God. So, let’s be a Good Tree, then as we have given goodness to others by our nature, we will enter the eternal happiness in heaven.

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