Manifest It

Humans cannot conceal their heart. If you have something joyful in it you cannot hide it. You laugh, or act jollily, or smile, or hum taking shower. It is true not only with emotions. If you have a belief (truly), you will live according to it. In this respect, a person’s life is the manifest of what s/he conceives in the heart. 

Problems in life begin when evil is conceived. If one has any evil, his or her life manifests it anyway. Anger, as it is conceived, makes the person aggressive, critical, cold, and so forth, not only to the ones the person blames rather to all around him or her, even to beloved ones. Even if the person may struggle not to be so, people notice something wrong with him or her anyway. Then, they will be scared of and depart from him or her.

This is the reason that we have to work on our heart first for us to live good. Then how to do it? Diagnosis first. Watch your heart and find out evils, such as desires, lust, bitterness, and hatred. Prayer and meditation in a quiet place and quiet time are necessary for this. Then, sincerely repent of yourself for having conceived evil and acted on it. Finally, forgive others whom you are blaming. Forgiveness dissolves evils for it is out of love, which wins any game. Without repentance and forgiveness “letting it go” won’t happen.

Having purged out the evils out of your heart, never delay to fill them with good spirit, which is Jesus’, such as that of love, thankfulness, truthfulness, humility, patience, and so on. If you are not occupied with his spirit, evils will come back (Matthew 12:43-45).

As our heart is filled with the spirit, we cannot conceal it; rather we manifest it throughout our life. We will be the manifestation of Jesus, that is, his light, to the world (Matthew 5:14-16).

Have great weekend,

Minku, your servant.

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