Alien Friends?

Please do not miss the chances to make close friends with ones who are from other countries. The communication may not be easy but the friendship will surely open your eyes not only to the fact that the world you’ve been living in is not the whole (you don’t want to be like a frog stuck in a well), but also to a different world itself. The eyes opened thus may become your perspective, or change your life career or your life itself. 

Probably, many times what benefit people are to be imported from outside their own communities. It is not always, but what is is that without open mind to other cultures and people from them, it is unavoidable for one to miss many very significant truths which originate from outside his or her own culture and country. It is regarding the gospel, too, which is the truth for life.

As one lives with such open mind, he or she surely appreciate the gospel better. It is because the gospel is also a foreign thing; it came from outside the human race and the world we physically live in. It is from the other world–the spiritual world. Therefore, anyone who is not open to alien things might not be ready to open his or her heart to the gospel either, whose benefit is even eternal salvation.

So, do not miss the chances to make friends with the aliens to your own world. It will surely benefit you many ways, especially spiritually. Furthermore, who knows, as you share your heart with your international friends who may be always minorities in your world, if you may be helping Jesus, who is also from the other world and lived in this world among the lowly and humble (Heb. 13:2; Matt. 25:40)?

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