We feel the spirit

Man can deceive others. He does it well actually. By lies and pretensions, he can do it. But there is a thing that man cannot deceive. It is the spirit. Whatever man may do to disguise his spirit, his spirit is to be known to others eventually. It is like the tongue cannot hide the heart of the person.

Spirit is the mindset, worldview, value and attitude of the person. Spirit is the origin of all motives and intentions of all activities of the person, whether they be mental or physical. It is the basis of the motives and intentions as in turn they are basis of deeds of the person. Spirit, therefore, leads the person. There is nothing which is not coming from the person’s spirit; everything that the person thinks, says and does is enacting his spirit. So it is true that, as the body is the instrument for doing, it is spirit that determines the doing and so its spiritual quality. The spirit determines the the spiritual quality of the person’s life. Therefore, spiritual quality represents the person’s spirit.

Spirit emits itself. Through mental or physical everyday activities, always does it emit itself. It is like smell of a person. He wears a perfume to change smell coming from him. But as time goes by his own smell comes out as the perfume gets weaker. He may disguise his smell by wearing perfume but he cannot remove his own. Spirit is the same in that regard. Man can disguise it to be seen as one he wants to be seen as, but he cannot remove his own spirit and eventually it will be known as it is.

What is interesting regarding spirit is that people eventually notice the spirit of others as they hang around them. It is not only that, as mentioned above, spirit emits itself, but also that they also have spirits. It is like spirit notices spirit. Dogs notice each other; pigs do too. Man notices man as one’s spirit does the others’. Many times it takes time to notice the quality of spirit of a person; yet in the long run it is noticed. Many times it is hard to see through the disguise to notice the true quality of a liar’s spirit, but yet it is known eventually. Nobody can disguise his spirit perfectly; nobody can deceive others permanently spiritually.

Too many times, however, it is too hard to describe the quality of people’s spirits. Nevertheless, it does not mean that people cannot tell spirit of a person. This is what, maybe, our spirit does. Through spirit we feel the quality of the spirits of others we hang around. Even though we cannot say exactly what it is, we feel whether a spirit is good or bad, right or wrong, and acceptable or not. That feel is what people often say out of about others they know, “I don’t know but I think he is a good/right person.” Even if we may not know exactly, we ‘feel’ the quality of the spirit of the person.

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