Perfect The Good Personality

Personality is not a thing formed over a night. As a person grows and lives, it gets formed. Environment affects it but not absolutely; Even in a same environment various persons of various personality appear. Family education works a lot to it but it either is not absolute; It is not so rare that even twins raised in a family show different personality. 

Good and upright personality is therefore valuable. It is more so in the current society in which materialism and individualism are dominating people’s mind. It is valuable not only in that the people of the personality do good service to others and to the society. But it is also that they are great asset for their contemporaries. 

Their being great asset is related with the bigger possibility that they would accept the gospel of Jesus. The bigger possibility is for two reasons at least. One is that they are humane which is the core of humanity that is a essential element of man as God created him. The other is that their lifestyle is not a big obstacle to accept the gospel. Rather they may feel that they were praised by God as they get to know what the gospel teaches–basically what it teaches is to return to humanity. It is because their life is not very different from it.  

As they accept the gospel and continue living as a “human” being, they are the salt and light to the world. The darkness cannot overcome the world because of their being and living in the world. First of all, their children will very likely be like them. Their children generation after generation will add salt and light to their parents’. Remember that Israel originated from one family, Abraham and Sarah. Second, those who have the same personality will gather around them. They will recognize each other and convert themselves to be in one mind and to be together spiritually to overcome the darkness together. Now the spiritual Israel, the church, is innumerable, even though it has a lot of room to grow. 

A person of good and upright personality is so great an asset to this world. The asset, however, is not real until the person is converted to salt and light by obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only as one becomes the salt and the light, he or she is the asset that God counts. It is only through obeying the gospel. It is not that the gospel has a magic to change a person but that the obeying is emulating Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in his or her life. Through the obeying the person’s goodness and uprightness get perfected by the power of God and the Holy Spirit. 

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