The Power of Love

However little it may be, in accomplishing a goal the person faces a lot of challenges and even crises. In this regard, accomplishing a goal also means overcoming the challenges and crises. What makes us be able to do that, who have great goals in life?

Some people persuasively said and showed in their lives that nothing great can be achieved without getting mad for it. Getting mad here means I think passion of the person for the goal and the work that he or she is doing to accomplish it. There are two kinds of people in everyday world: One, those who have passion for what they are living for; the other, those, not, but just living as if passing time toward the end. Passion makes the person different from others who do not have it; it makes the person fervent in what he or she is doing for the goal; it makes the person extraordinary in energy and patience—it makes him or her like a Hulk in the work. It gives courage to the person. It is what makes the person overcome the challenges that come up to his or her life in achieving a goal. It is like life for the person: it makes the person laugh, cry, happy, and sad. It draws him or her to people of the same kind until it makes a stream, river, and ultimately an ocean—which are metaphors for scouts, a trend, and a new paradigm.     

Then, we will surely say, “I want it! I want it!” Then how to get it? What is the origin? You may be surprised to hear this. It is love. No genuine love is without passion. I love my wife so I have passion for her; you do not feel any passion for your lover, you know what it is—it is getting cold to nothing. If we want to have extraordinary energy and courage to achieve a goal, the answer is passion—we have to have it. If we want to have it, we have to love the goal for which we want to have passion. Love overcomes the world; love overcomes fear; and love enable us to overcome the challenges and crises. You know it is never possible to get rid of all hardships, sufferings, slumps, and even depressions in getting toward the goals of life. Then should we stay frustrated and always unhappy, worrying, and even desperate? No! God gave us into our heart the universal remedy—LOVE! Get it activated today. If you have a goal, love it! If you have a problem in pursuing the goal, love the goal more in accomplishing which you are facing the problem! If you have an ‘enemy,’ real or metaphorical, love more what your enemy wants to put out in you!

As you love, you have passion that gives extraordinary energy and courage. As you are in love you are happy all the time. It is your love of your goal that overcomes the challenges and crises however huge they are. So why don’t you get empowered by love! 

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