The Life Mentor

When I was young I wish so badly to have a mentor who could give me advice for my life. However, I did not have one other than my parents. When I was in high school I did not have anyone to give advice of what college I would apply for, and further than that, what kind of career I would pursue. The decision was up to me. My parents were giving me a lot of wisdom by which I could live a valuable life; but they could not give me advice for so specific things for their life experience was very different from mine. Thus, I wished so badly to have a life mentor to give me such advice for my important decisions.

I choose for myself my major in the college. Very soon, I found I made a very poor decision. My major turned out soon to be one that I was not really interested in. I could not focus on study for I did not like the topic. I took classes that I just liked. Like that, I wasted time and money as well because of my poor choice. Even with the poor choice of my major, I could have used other options to straighten it. For example, I could have tried to do a minor or to transfer to a department I liked. However, for that either, I did not have any idea and I did not have anyone to get advice and encouragement. In that way, I just wasted my college years getting almost nothing from an academic standpoint.

The worse my life got, the more badly did I wish to meet a mentor. However, I still did not meet any one other than my parents. They had given me lessons enough before I went to college. The lessons were imbedded in me. Actually, my wish to meet a life mentor was from a lesson of my dad. My dad used to tell me that for a person to be successful in life, he or she has to have three good people: One, good teachers; the other, good friends; and another, a good spouse. As I was thinking I had good friends and I was too young to get married, so the rest, to meet a teacher for life—a life mentor—became my great wish.

I did not give up my wish to have a mentor for life. I am in my mid forties. As I recall my last twenty or thirty years, the more responsible I became for my and my family’s life as I grew older, the stronger did the wish grow. Even with such a strong and restless wish, I did not meet any one. Even if it was so, there was a thing that worked as a ‘light house’ to me toward a right direction. What was that? That was the wish itself; that was my restless and strong wish to have a life mentor.

How did the wish work as a ‘light house’ to me? A wish to have a mentor itself does not give an advice for specific decisions. The fact, however, that a person has it means that he or she really wants to live a valuable life. It means the person really does not want to waste his or her life. In other words, it means, the person is really faithful and serious to his or her life. The wish for a mentor is not merely a wish for something, but it is an expression of the love of wisdom and faithfulness and seriousness to life. It leads the person to a direction he or she would walk if he or she had gotten wisdom from an ideal life mentor. Even if I made not a few poor choices without a mentor, I was constantly seeking right direction of my life. That has paid out. Without such a mentor, even if I had failed in many things wasting much time, I was not discouraged and frustrated, but I sought a right direction without giving up because I had such a desire to live a valuable life expressed in the wish to have a life mentor.

After I had strongly and consistently sought the wish, I finally met a great life mentor. Through the mentor I found my talent, my career, and the way I can live the most valuable life. Even if it might be later than I expected, the one I found is the greatest one. This was possible because I had had such a strong and restless wish to have a life mentor, which meant I wished to live a valuable life. That wish originated from my parents’ home teaching. And the wish led me find the greatest life mentor.

I found the greatest life mentor as I was converted to Christianity. The mentor is God. As I study the Bible, God’s word, it gave me greatest wisdoms for me to find the most valuable life. I was looking for a human mentor so long but I failed. Finally I met the ultimate One, and He is not human but divine. In this regard also, I appreciate my parents who imbedded in me wisdom from which my wish originated, to live a valuable life and to have a life mentor.

No one has to go through the process I went through to find the greatest mentor. This is a reason that we are here. We are the messenger of the divine wisdom. It is not a human one but one from God, who created us and sustains our lives. We want to help you find your happiest life without wasting time to go through the unnecessary process I have gone and many people are going through. Do not forget that you and your lives are so valuable with which any other thing can be compared.

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