Where Are You Searching for Worldview and Purpose of Life?

Worldview and purpose of life are the most fundamental topics for all human beings. Philosophers and thinkers have been searching for answers to the questions—What are the worldview and purpose of life that give human beings ultimate satisfaction and happiness? They are the things that one has to establish rightly for his or her life. They are foundational for human life that when they are not right, even though for some time one could be satisfied with his or her life, he or she will not be ultimately.

As I recall my own college years, I also was struggling in establishing right world view and purpose of life. I struggled with various philosophies and thoughts to find right ones. I involved in various activities to know better about the society and the world. I had to struggle with the foundational questions during my college years and beyond. Nevertheless, I did not find right answers to the questions in those years. Twenty five years has passed since my graduation from college. During the time, I became a Christian, studied the Bible, and found my answers to the questions.

Since I began studying the Bible, I noticed soon that there is a thing that many people are missing from their Bible study. It is that what they were searching for in the Bible were not the right worldview and purpose of life, but mostly religious doctrines. What the Bible really aims to give the readers is not doctrinal things but teachings on life as it is not merely a religious book but it is a book of life. The Bible teaches the godly world view and purpose of life as the most important things to learn from it.

Christianity, however, has not been so successful to preach the gospel as one that lets people know that it is not just a religious doctrines but the greatest teaching on human life. It may be because most of Christians focused more on religious doctrinal things, so that they could not see the teaching on the world view and purpose of life, which are the most valuable and important for human beings.

We wish to spread the gospel by preaching and teaching what the Bible teaches. However, we definitely do not want to teach the Bible as just a religious book. We want to share our understandings of the Bible so as for the students to be able to get true benefit in their struggles to establish their world view and purpose of life, which will serve them to live satisfactory and happy lives.

Even though there are a lot of human philosophies and thoughts, from which one could derive worldview and purpose of life, they have limitations. The biggest limitation is in themselves: The philosophies and thoughts originate from human beings. As you well know, human beings cannot know about themselves perfectly. For instance, think about spiritual side of life. Nobody knows about it for sure. For this reason, we need teachings on those questions from one who knows us better than any human being does.

What about God as the one? What about the words of God as the teachings on those questions? We believe that the Bible is the words of God. In other words, the words in the Bible did not originate from us, human beings, but God. As the Creator, as we believe, God knows about us perfectly that he could give us the perfect world view and purpose of life.

Many people, however, do not believe that God created the universe, including ourselves. So, they reject Bible study. Let me tell you that there is a thing they have to think about. Suppose there is a delicious food with which one, who is really hungry, is served for the first time of his or her life. He or she heard that the food is so good. However, the person is hesitant to eat it because he or she has not tasted the food at all. Here is the thing to think about. If he or she does not taste the food, how can he or she know if the food worths eating or not? Before tasting it, nobody would be able to tell whether a food is good or not. Likewise, you may not believe that God created the world and human beings and the world view and purpose of life the words of God teach are the right ones that can give human beings ultimate satisfaction and happiness. However, unless you ‘taste’ the words of God, how could you tell that it is not true? Furthermore, what if it is true but you dismiss it? Therefore, it worths examining at least one time to tell whether it is true or not.

We wish to help you in this. We would like to help you to examine the world view and the purpose of life that the Bible teaches. Having examined them, the choice will be yours whether you would accept or not. However, for you to examine them, you first have to ‘taste’ them through Bible study. Therefore, we are here to open a Bible study for you, if you would. Please, don’t forget that it is out of love in Jesus Christ.

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