Evangelism by difference

As I began evangelism in Atlanta, many people tried to help me by suggesting their ideas for effective evangelism. Some of them were suggesting distributing flyers, brochures, or business cards; others, making programs and advertising them on media and internet. I am attempting most of them, to see what would work for me. However, the... Continue Reading →

“Doing the Will of God”

Doing the will of God includes having faith and doing what God is pleased with. The expression is comprehensive. It is not at all about outward action without sincere heart nor just intellectual faith that does not move the person to act. Doing the will of God is the most precise expression to discuss righteousness.... Continue Reading →

“Do” God’s Will

The Bible teaches us to "do" God's will. God's will is sometimes expressed by the form of laws, statutes, and commandments. As a whole, it is expressed by words, the scripture. So, we have to do the words of God. Especially, since Jesus came and taught them to humans, we have to do the words... Continue Reading →

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