Is Love Impractical?

Love is an essential character of a Christian, and unconditional love is evidence of a mature Christian. However, unconditional love is not easy, and, therefore, it is rare. It is especially rare  in societies where reciprocity (i.e. getting even) is accepted as the norm. As a result, some people question whether or not Jesus’ commandment... Continue Reading →

Balance Matters

Balance matters in everything; there is nothing in which it does not matter. Extremes are never good. So is with evangelism. It is because of its nature. Evangelism is basically relating the gospel to the sinners (Luke 5:32). So, an evangelist cannot do it without getting close with them. As he gets closer with them,... Continue Reading →

The Difference in Spirit

Being holy is being different in terms of righteousness in God. As we evangelize non-believers, we are to be recognized as different as we are to be holy in Christ. What should it be, then, that makes us ultimately different from worldly people, religious or not? “Speaking the truth” (Eph. 4:15) is a significant part... Continue Reading →

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